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She Just Had Surgery... Really

I know, I have said it before, but kids are amazing.

Isabella's surgery went over without any issues. They got in there, found exactly what Dr. Grin had been talking about which really made me feel better after the first appointment that we had. Dr. Russell said that they were going to remove it and it shouldn't take too long at all. For over anxious parents, long is a very relative term and for the next hour or so, Misty and I spent our time trying to read, play solitaire or just talk. None of it worked; we were too preoccupied. Dr. Russell came out and told us that everything had gone fine and that Isabella was in first stage recovery and that they were going to let us go back shortly. No too much longer went by when one of the recovery nurses came in and called our name. Misty rushed out the door and down the hall and I tried to keep up carrying everything that was left in the waiting room. As soon as we turned the corner into the recovery area, we could hear Isabella screaming. Misty rushed in and got Isabella and, just like it always has, the screaming stopped.

First stage and second stage recovery went quickly. The doctor came by to tell us that they had only shielded her so she would still be able to see and when we were ready, we could take the shield off and put on her glasses. Not too much longer and they sent us back to the Ronald McDonald House for what we figured was going to be a long day. It wasn't too long after we got in that Isabella started fussing. I wasn't to surprised because it had been 14 hours since she had eaten anything. We got out some snacks and took off her arm splints and let her start eating. She wasn't doing any of it visually, so we decided it was time and took off her shield. At that point, other than looking like she had been in a bar fight, she started acting normally. Crawling around, playing and singing; just like normal. We actually had people ask when her surgery was scheduled for after we had told them she was there for surgery.

This week she has been just like normal. Being herself and doing her therapies. We have to keep telling ourselves, and everyone else, that she just had surgery. Not that I'm complaining that this has been easy, its just odd to have one that is this easy.


It's great to hear that the operation went so well! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have to go through all of these surgeries for both Isabella and for you and your wife. Here's to hoping that things continue to go well!

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