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December 05, 2003

Quiet Day

In general, it has been a quiet day. For that matter, it has been a quiet week. Not much at all going on.

Noah has been Noah all week. Stubborn and obstinate. He is still pretty tired; recovering from last week. He is also fighting off a cold, which is always fun.

We were supposed to have Tae Kwon Do pictures on Monday, but the photographer's camera broke and we had to reschedule until Tuesday. Even though I got the impression that the photographer was kind of an amateur, he did get some good shots of Noah. We now have photos proving that Noah can actually make a kick higher than his head. Good thing that he isn't all that powerful of I would probably need to constantly wear a cup. I really hope that Noah decides to stick it out... he really seems to enjoy it.

This weekend, we are going to try to do as little as possible. The only thing that I know of that is going to happen is that Misty wants to get the third, and final, Christmas tree set up. I don't mind having them up, I just don't really like putting them up and taking them down. Way too much work for a couple of weeks. But, then again, if it were up to Misty, the trees would be up from Halloween to Valentine's Day.

Hopefully this will be the uneventful weekend that I am hoping for. The next 4 weekends won't be. Birthday. Anniversary. Christmas. New Years.

I need this one...

December 03, 2003

Turkey Day Review

Here is the Turkey Day Review a couple of days late.

In some ways, Turkey Day was pretty good. We got to see a lot of family that we hadn't seen in a long time. All of my mother's family came down on Thanksgiving day. It was pretty cool, although very loud. The sound level does not increase in a linear fashion as you add more people. It does progress linearly for a while, but then it starts to double with every person. After that, we went to hang out at Misty's mother's house for a while, which I will discuss in a little bit. From there, we went to Misty's aunt's house. While that is usually a fairly stressful, it actually ended up being a really pleasant experience. Misty's father and step-mother were there as well as her sister and her husband and kids.

In other ways, Turkey Day was a big fat pile of suck. Not just bad, but really freaking bad. As I mentioned before, things had been going pretty well until the outbreak monkey showed up. You remember the movie? The one where the cute little monkey is responsible for getting thousands of people sick? Well, in this case, it wasn't a monkey and it wasn't a thousand people. It was one child and it ended up with seven sick people. Noah and I included. That was what sucked the most. Noah started puking on Saturday morning at about 3:00am. I started at around 5:00am. He was done around 9:00am and it was all over for him. I wasn't feeling human until Monday. It just goes to show you that kids recover a lot faster.

All in all, I think Misty and I have decided that we probably won't be going back for 5 days for Thanksgiving. The last three times that we have been back for Thanksgiving, I have gotten sick. This year wasn't as bad as last year... Last year I got a heart infection. But, it still wasn't fun....

Now, all I can think about is that it is only 22 days until Christmas... Oh, joy.