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May 10, 2004

Korean Butt Whipping

I got my butt kicked tonight, Korean style.

It was a pretty small class tonight and Master Justin asked Instructor Debbie to lead the stretches. The problem, three of the seven people who were there decided not to participate at all. You could tell that Debbie was starting to get a little frustrated and Master Justin could tell.

He took over the streches and decided to really work us. We did 30 pushups, 100 setups in different styles and various other exercises. That is when the fun began.

He got out kicking targets and handed them out to each pair. He told us that our class had lost some of our discipline and that we needed to learn what it meant. We were going to have a Korean style class.

Throughout the next 20 minutes or so, each person ended up kicking the target around 200 times with each foot. About half of the kicks were belt level and the other half were shoulder level. Then we ended up that portion of the class punching the target 150 times. I was beat at the end of all of that.

Then we started some other kicking practice... We had to kick a balloon that was hanging on a string. If we didn't kick it right, we had to do pushups. I ended up doing another 50 or so pushups.

I was beat and covered in sweat by the end of it all. I got home and that was when I realized I loved it. It was a great workout.

I am going to ask Master Justin to do more classes like that. Just not tomorrow.

May 05, 2004

Complete Guilt

Last night, at 2:30 in the morning, I became my father.

When I was 19 years old, I have a kidney stone. I didn't know I had one and I told my father about the pain that I was going through. His response was that it was just a gas pain and that all I needed to do was fart. Well, the pain got so bad that I was admitted to the hospital and, a little over a week later, I was released after they had removed a pretty nasty kidney stone from me.

Anyway, last night, Noah came in and told me that his belly hurt. He laid next to me in bed and I could hear his stomach rumbling, so I figured that it was just gas. I told him that he needed to fart and he would feel much better. Then I took him back to bed.

About 10 minutes later, he opened our bedroom door and said that he had pooped. I told him to go into the bathroom and I would change him. It was only then that I realized that he had really pooped. It was a complete blowout. He was laying on the floor on his stomach when it happened and it was all the way up to his neck. I yelled out to Misty that I needed some help. I told her I needed a trashbag and asked her to go check out his room.

Then I proceeded to give him a bath, which is always fun. Especially at 2:30 AM.

Now I am wallowing in some serious guilt. I used to give my father all kinds of crap about how he used to disregard when I wasn't feeling the greatest.

And I am continuing the legacy.

May 04, 2004


Children are sponges... Always soaking up what is going on around them and then spitting it back out there when you least expect it.

When Noah is acting up, I will sometimes ask him if I have to smack him around a little. Now, when he is mad at me, he tells me that he is going to spank me up.

When Noah starts asking an unending series of questions, I will give up and tell him that whatever he is asking about is just the way that it works. Now, whenever I start asking him too many questions, he just tells me that thats the way it is.

When Misty was taking Noah to daycare when I was traveling, she made some comment about running over the crossing guard at the end of our street because she takes her own sweet time in getting out of the way. Now, when Noah and I leave for daycare, he always asks me if I am going to run her over.

We are going to have to be really, really careful...

May 03, 2004

What Did You Do Today?

Noah has reached an age that he has a really good memory and the ability to articulate things fairly well.

This evening, I sat down and asked Noah what he had done today. Over the next five minutes, he outlined everything that he had done from the time that I dropped him off at daycare up until I got home.

Here are the high points:

  • One of the babies cried after I dropped him off.

  • He painted a pretty picture. It is red, blue and purple.

  • They didn't go outside because it was too cold.

  • He had grilled cheese and plums for lunch.

  • He slept really good during his nap.

  • He ate crackers for snack.

  • Claire ate crackers at lunch, too.

  • Mommy picked him up to go to Tae Kwon Do.

  • He did good at Tae Kwon Do.

  • Master Ryan road in Mommy's car to get Master Justin's car.

  • He as going to watch Bugs, Bugs, Bugs until Greg got there tonight.

  • This amazes me. I don't even remember where I went for lunch or who I spoke with, let alone everything that I had eaten and done throughout the day.

    If he can retain this, he will either go far in life or go insane. Lets hope it is the first one.